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Share a link to a specific slide!

Avoid any confusion when referencing a slide in a large PowerPoint presentation. Find out how you can create a link that will open the file and take the recipient directly to a specific slide.

By Lauren Janas, Office PM

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Create animated GIFs using PowerPoint

Have you ever had an idea for an animated GIF but didn’t know where to get started? With the new feature Export/Save As Animated GIF, you can now create your ideas in PowerPoint.

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Redesigned Comments in Word

Take more control over your document feedback in the redesigned Comments pane in Word.

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Open your most important files faster on mobile

When you’re trying to get work done on the go, you expect experiences to be fast. To help you get back to your Office files instantly while using your mobile device, Word and PowerPoint on iOS now download your most recent and recommended files automatically!

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Accessible email made easier

Ensuring the accessibility of your emails is your responsibility. By creating and sending accessible emails, you ensure that recipients can access, read, and use the information they contain.

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Introducing Office – your new go-to mobile app for getting work done

Today we are excited to share a new vision for how people get work done on a phone – a new app that’s ambitious enough to simply be called Office.

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Announcing new Office Insider Group Policy setting

If you’re an IT Admin and you already use Group Policy, you can now give a select group of Windows users the option to install Office Insider builds for themselves by using the Show the option for Office Insider policy setting.

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An Insiders guide to Microsoft Ignite 2019

Hey there, Office Insiders! It is t-minus one week (just about) until Ignite 2019 kicks off, and we are here today to give you a quick look into some of the sessions that you might want to keep an eye on.

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Reach more people by making your PowerPoint slides work with a Screen Reader

Most people with low or no vision use a screen reader to use and work with their computers and mobile devices. Since they cannot see the slides in the presentation, they rely on the screen reader to “speak” the slide contents. As a presenter, you can make a few tweaks to your presentation that will ensure that your content works well with a screen reader.

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Mac Rotor – Links, Tables, and Headings Navigation in Word

Starting with Office 16.29, Microsoft Word now supports rotor navigation for links, tables, and headings within documents.

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Monthly Channel (Targeted) Release Notes In App

Now, Windows Office Insiders in Monthly Channel (Targeted) can access their release notes in app! It’s our goal to keep you productive in the app while also making sure that you know all about the new features that are available to you.

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