Your Feedback in Action: New Insertable Icons

By Jesse Gamble on April 24, 2019

We’re here today with another example of the feedback you provide as Office Insiders directly impacting the development of Office!

When we first added Icons to Office, we got tons of great feedback that people loved them! You used them to add visual flare to your documents and presentations, to replace boring bullet points, to draw attention to key parts of your slides. But we also heard you loud and clear: you wanted more! And you noticed some key areas where we just didn’t have anything that fit the bill.

  • “There is no paw print in the animal section.”
  • “Add more icons to the nature section…”
  • “…Graduation would be a great supplement.”
  • “An icon of a pregnant woman would be brilliant and very helpful 😊”
  • “Please add icons for Recycling…” “Want a recycling icon…” “Add a recycling icon…” “Missing icons, example: recycling”
  • “Create ‘Holiday’ icons.”
  •  “Holiday things like pumpkins”


So, we got to work. And the result? 350 brand new icons that add to some old categories and create some entirely new ones! We added:

  • More animals, including a tiger, panda, unicorn,and livestock
  • Holiday icons
  • A whole accessibility category
  • A recycling bin!
  • More Technology, more Business, and more SocialMedia
  • More Sports
  • More Arts
A screen showing insertable icons in PowerPoint on a Surface tablet.

And that’s just some of it! Find all of the new icons by going to the Insert Ribbon and clicking on Icons in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel on Mac, Windows, and iOS; in Outlook on Windows; and in PowerPoint Online on the web.

Let us know what you think about the new Icons by using the Send-a-Smile (😊) and Send-a-Frown (🙁) buttons in any Office app.

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