Office for Windows (Insider): New Build Announcement (Version 1904)

By Jesse Gamble on March 15, 2019

Office for Windows – Insider Fast Release Notes – March 15th, 2019 Version 1904 (Build 11504.20000)

What’s new

Excel and PowerPoint

Keep accessibility checker running while I work 

From telemetry and extensive customer research, we know users struggle most with identifying when to check their documents for accessibility issues that make it harder for people with disabilities to consume content and collaborate with others.

We’ve introduced the ability to run the accessibility checker in the background, allowing us to remind users at the right time when they should investigate further, instead of relying on their ability to pre-conceive the need. It’ll sit quietly from the status bar without eating up valuable real-estate on screen and give you an at-a-glance reminder with a one-click action to making your content more accessible to people with disabilities and more usable for all.

Getting Started

  1. Launch the accessibility checker (which will automatically enable this feature) by clicking Review > Check Accessibility.
  2. Enable it from File > Options > Ease of Access > Keep accessibility checker running while I work.

Scenarios to Try

Let accessibility checker help you communicate inclusively with people you work with. The background checker will monitor your content for accessibility issues and remind you unobtrusively from the status bar, alongside spellcheck. 


Improved Zoom dialog box

You asked for it! When you resize the Zoom box to make it easier to enter and edit text and expressions as well as change the font, your customized settings are saved and available the next time you use it.

Scenarios to Try

  1. Create an expression for a calculated field.
  2. In the property sheet, place the cursor in the Control Source property and press SHIFT+F2 to display the Zoom box.

Notable Fixes


  • We fixed an issue in Word where images in a document saved as a PDF would have the incorrect DPI.


  • Various performance and stability fixes


  • We fixed an issue in PowerPoint where the comments pane would not open or close properly.
  • We fixed an issue in PowerPoint where the application could crash when deleting a video.
  • We fixed an issue in PowerPoint where in some instances the application would fail to launch.


  • We fixed an issue in Outlook where read receipts were incorrect when viewed in Japanese.


  • We fixed the error message in Access where an extra shortcut to Access was created.


  • Various performance and stability fixes

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