Office for Windows (Insider): New Build Announcement (Version 1902)

By Jesse Gamble on January 11, 2019

Office for Windows – Insider Fast Release Notes – January 11th, 2019 Version 1902 (Build 11231.20066)

What’s new


Present more inclusively with live captions & subtitles in PowerPoint

Show a live voice transcription on the screen for your audience as you present, powered by Microsoft AI Speech Services. The text shown can be captions in the language you’re speaking, or subtitles in a different language, to help audience participants follow along across hearing or language barriers.

Getting Started:

With this feature running, you will see live captions or subtitles on the screen as you speak, from Slide Show and Presenter View. For best results, use a headset microphone while presenting.

  • To toggle on/off for all presentations: from the ribbon, navigate to the Slide Show tab, and click “Always Use Subtitles” checkbox.
  • To toggle on/off during the presentation: from Slide Show, Presenter View, or the right-click context menu, click the subtitle toggle button.
  • To adjust caption/subtitle settings: from the ribbon, navigate to the Slide Show tab, and click Subtitle Settings. Alternatively, you can access settings from the right-click context menu, Slide Show settings or Presenter View settings menus while presenting.

Please note that the feature will only be enabled once you have opted into Office Intelligent Services.

Scenarios to Try:

Give your next presentation to an audience with live captions or subtitles running. You can try out the different position modes (e.g. docked or overlay, top bottom), language combinations (e.g. English to English, English to Spanish, or other), and appearance settings (e.g. text size or color).

Try including special terminology or names in your presentation and see the adapted speech recognition accurately recognize them, a couple minutes after starting the presentation. 

Please share any feedback through the Feedback tool

Notable Fixes


We fixed an issue with saving automatic text color


We fixed an issue with Pivot Chart colors


Various performance and stability fixes


We fixed a form loading failure in the Organizational Forms Library


Various performance and stability fixes


We fixed an issue with saving custom field values when disconnecting a sub project

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