Announcing December 2018 Insider Update for Office for iOS

By Jesse Gamble on November 28, 2018

Hello Office Insiders!

We just released Version 2.20 (18112604), a preview of the December 2018 feature update for Office 365 subscribers on iOS. Give it a try! Just go to the TestFlight App and check for updates!


What’s new in 2.20

Include a message when you cancel  (Outlook)

Need to cancel your meeting? Add a message to the cancellation notice to let your attendees know why.

Delete your contacts (Outlook)

You’ve always been able to add and edit contacts. Now you can delete them too, right from your phone.

Create a meeting from an email conversation (Outlook)

When you Convert to Event, Outlook automatically turns the folks in your conversation into invitees.

Where to send feedback

To report issues or send feedback from within an app, open a file, and tap File > Send Feedback.

Alternatively, feel free to post in the Office Insider community or tweet at tweet @OfficeInsider.

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