Announcing December 2018 Insider Update for Office for Android

By Jesse Gamble on November 28, 2018

Hello Office Insiders!

We just released Build 16.0.11126.20006, a preview of the December 2018 feature update for Office 365 subscribers on Android. Give it a try! Just go to the Google Play store and check for updates!


What’s new in 16.0.11126.20006

Confidently RSVP to invites (Outlook)

View both the invite and your calendar when replying, and be confident in your response.

See your month at a glance (Outlook)

Show all events in your calendar across an entire month at a time.

Convert your conversation into an event (Outlook)

Create an event or a meeting right from an email conversation. Your invite list and conversation are preserved.

Open your group notebook from Outlook (Outlook)

No need to open a separate app when you want to see your group notebook. Just tap the link in Outlook.

Ink over captured images (OneNote)

Switch between your front and back cameras to capture images for your notes. After that, ink your annotations with your finger or a stylus.

Where to send feedback

To report issues or send feedback from within an app, open a file, and tap File > Send Feedback.

Alternatively, feel free to post in the Office Insider community or tweet at tweet @OfficeInsider.

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