Announcing November Monthly Channel (Targeted) update for Office for Windows desktop

By Jesse Gamble on November 14, 2018

Hello Office Insiders!

We just released Version 1811 (Build 11029.20045), a preview of the November 2018 feature update for Office 365 subscribers on Windows. Give it a try! From any Office app, go to the File > Account menu and check for updates.

What’s New in 1811

Zoom and stick (Outlook)

Instead of adjusting Zoom each time, you read a message, choose a default setting to use for all your messages.

Paint it black, paint it gray (Access)

Change the look of Access as often as you like. Four themes to choose from: Colorful, Dark, Gray, or White.


Where to send feedback

We love hearing from you, our Office Insiders, about what works, what doesn’t, and where you think we can improve. Send any feedback you have our way about the new features that were just released, or simply drop us a note to tell us what you think about our program.

You can talk to us in the Office Insider community or on Twitter, or send-a-smile in our apps File > Feedback.

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