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Share a link to a specific slide!

Avoid any confusion when referencing a slide in a large PowerPoint presentation. Find out how you can create a link that will open the file and take the recipient directly to a specific slide.

By Lauren Janas, Office PM

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Feedback in action: Disable @ mentions

Some of you have been quite vocal about wanting the ability to disable @ mentions in Outlook. We heard you and are happy to let you know that now you can do so!

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Feedback in action: Select multiple slides in PowerPoint for iOS

You asked and we listened. Learn how you can now select multiple slides at a time and then complete a number of actions on them at once, such as copy, paste, duplicate, or share.

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Outlook’s calendar gets a refresh

Last year, we brought you a refreshed mail experience, and, this year, it is the calendar’s turn to get a facelift!

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Drag messages from your personal inbox to the group mailbox

Have an email in your inbox that you want to share with your group in Outlook? As a group owner, you can now drag and drop messages and conversations from your inbox into your group mailbox.

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Improved pane management

Having multiple panes opened can crowd your screen. With Tabbed Panes, you can now use as many panes as you like without sacrificing precious screen real estate.

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Hex color values in color picker

Stop spending time converting Hex color values into RGB values. You now have the ability to enter Hex color values for any property that allows you to customize its color.

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Share a link to a specific slide

Collaborating on a large PowerPoint presentation can get confusing when trying to reference a certain slide. Avoid any confusion by creating a link that will open the file & take them directly to a specific slide in your presentation.

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Feedback in action: Excel print settings on Mac

Up until now, orientation and paper size settings on individual worksheets were being overridden by the settings in the Print dialog. We listened to your feedback and made some changes.

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Dictate your documents in Word on Mac

Save time and stay in flow by using speech-to-text to quickly get your thoughts into your documents.

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Your feedback makes Office better

As we head into a new year and a new decade, we wanted to help you with one of your New Year’s resolution: give great feedback and play an active part in the Office development process.

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