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The Power of Feedback: Updating Morph

Insiders like you help us improve Office every day. Here’s a story about making one feature better than ever with your help.

By Lauren, Office PM

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Dynamic Arrays and New Functions in Excel!

Until now, you wrote a formula for each value you wanted returned to the grid. One formula, one value. If you wanted another value, you wrote (or copied) another formula. With dynamic arrays, that all changes.

Lifting the 500 Folder Limit in Outlook

The limit of 500 shared folders has been a longstanding product limitation in Outlook since the dawn of cached mode (2003!) For those with access to mailboxes containing more than 500 folders, sync would “randomly” fail resulting in an inconsistent sync for both the customer’s own mailbox, as well as the other mailboxes they had access to.

You Asked for It: A Journey to Power Query in Excel for Mac Starts Now!

When we first integrated the Power Query technology in Excel for Windows, we got a lot of feedback that people love it! But we also heard from our Mac Office Insiders community that you want Power Query to be supported in Excel for Mac, as well.

3 Things to Know About Office Insider Release Notes

Release notes. They may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but for all of you Insiders they can be pretty important! They let you know what to expect when you load up the latest build of your favorite Office app.

Easy Account Switching With Account Manager

The account manager allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple Office accounts without needing to deal with any secondary dialog boxes.

Your Feedback in Action: New Insertable Icons

When we first added Icons to Office, we got tons of great feedback that people loved them, but we also heard you loud and clear: you wanted more!

You Asked for it: New Shortcuts on the Mac Keyboard

One of the biggest pieces of feedback that we get from our Insiders and Office customers is that they want the ability to be more efficient when making their presentations in PowerPoint. Our Mac Office Insiders are very vocal and we have heard you!

The Power of Feedback: Morph in PowerPoint

This is a story about how customer feedback led directly to improvements to the popular Morph transition, providing even more control for users to be able to create complex animations using Morph.

Office for Windows (Insider): New Build Announcement (Version 1904)

Office for Windows – Insider Fast Release Notes – March 22nd, 2019 Version 1904 (Build 11514.20004)

Office for Windows (Insider): New Build Announcement (Version 1904)

Office for Windows – Insider Fast Release Notes – March 15th, 2019 Version 1904 (Build 11504.20000)